In today's market many sellers may have not sold a home in several years or this may be the first time. With the advent of HGTV much of the public has been schooled on how to buy and sell a home.  No matter your circumstance, one valid step toward success is thinking like your potential buyer.  Walk through your property and see it through a buyer's eyes.  Also, visit open houses similar to your home and see how they are presented. Interview reputable real estate professionals. Then do your homework:

  1. Curb appeal;  Does your home appear polished from the curb? Landscaping neat and trim, yard clean and clear, shutters freshly painted, windows clean (screens removed and stored)?
  2. Front door; Is there a new welcome mat, door freshly painted, new door knob,  does the doorbell work?
  3. Foyer; Is it light and inviting? Does the house smell fresh (no artificial fragrances, please. Many people are sensitive, they will leave with a headache).
  4. Kitchen and baths are your next best selling features; Are they spotless, hygenic? Clear counters, organize cabinets? Are these areas bright and inviting?
  5. Living room, family room and dining room;  Are they being used for their defined purpose? Are they clutter free, in good condition with furniture arranged interestingly?
  6. Blinds and curtains;  Are they open with good views through those clean windows of yours?
  7. Closets; Clutter free? When cleaned out they appear larger.  Buyers will overlook stacked sealed boxes in the garage to an extent.  If you need a temporary storage unit, just do it.  Store those extras until your home sells and you move.
  8. Bedrooms;  Clutter free, clothes out of sight, shoes put away, toys  neatly arranged?

Now all we have to do is price it RIGHT!  Pay attention to what homes have SOLD for in your area. Not what others are asking for their properties.  Ask your real estate professional for an absorption rate report. Pay attention.  You want to sell in one to three months, price it as low as you can on the scale of asking prices for homes like yours in your area.  Get ready to move. When your buyer shows up and makes an offer, please remember, they are not the enemy.  Be glad you have a buyer and treat them well.  You can still negotiate, but remember.....the buyer is NOT your enemy. The buyer is your ticket to moving on.